Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We interrupt this blog for some "mom" ramblings..

Have you ever spent a couple of hours writing and then realized that what you wrote is gone.  Somewhere in the ethernet.  That's what happened to this post.

Guess you didn't need to be a guest in my pity party today.  At least, that's what my computer decided.

The only part left was the last part.  Anyway, long story short, my youngest son left today to move to Germany.  Short version:  He is almost 26.  I should be happy for him and a part of me is.  Still I will miss him terribly and hate the thought of him being so far away.

He did ask me to visit.  Hopefully, we will do that.  It will be fun... it is very easy, I'm told, to visit many of the sites of Europe from Stuttgart.

He says he will come home in December for a visit.  So, at least he didn't leave without any view of a reunion.

Still, this Mom's heart is sad today....

Gotta run.  Grandson Jackson wants me to go fishing....

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