Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busy week

Started a new job this week. So far doing lots of reading....new policies and procedures. Fun, huh? I'm enjoying the new environment and meeting new people though. Looking forward to making a contribution. The beginning assimilation time is kind of awkward for all.

It's lunchtime now so I thought I'd blog a bit.

On the grandchild front, a couple of antequdotes: Jason and Annie had a nice garden this summer with a home-made scarecrow named "Sanchez". Last Sunday when they picked Blaise up from Sunday School they had been coloring scare crows for fall and Blaise kept calling his, "Sanchez". Bet the teachers had some questions about that. :)

Caleb and Charlie stayed came to visit us last week but unfortuately, Charlie was sick with a stomach bug the whole week. Eli came down with it too. Good news, they are all doing well now.

News flash, Anna Grace (Aggie) took steps on her own this week so Blaise better watch out. Eli pulled up to cruise around the train table too. Aggie's first birthday is coming up in a few weeks.

We asked Ashley to consider bringing the boys (Jackson and Jase) and coming to live with us for a while. She's praying over that and we are as well. Lots of hurdles to overcome to make that happen. Lots of challenges if it doesn't though. Jackson especially needs more individual attention, which Ashley just can't do working full-time. Thanks for your prayers in this area.

Should be hearing about a new neice or nephew tomorrow. Amber is going in to the hospital in the morning I believe. Wishing her an easy time and a healthy baby.


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  1. Waiting for some more blogs.....can you write some about how to raise and discipline 3 children. Having a hard time helping them talk and treat kind to siblings. How do you deal with two that say the other one did it. Do both get punished?