Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why me?

Here goes....

It was suggested that I should start a blog to share my experiences as a 50-something .... Wife, Mom of five grown children and Grandmommie of 7 (at the moment). My experiences aren't particularly unique or interesting I don't guess but at least this will be an easy way for interested folks to hear about them without too much trouble... and my facebook friends won't be bored with all of the details.

Frequent subjects will most likely be my husband of 32 years, Mike, and our five adult children: 0ur son Jason and his wife Annie and their two children, Blaise who is 2.75 and Anna Grace who is almost 1; our daughter Aubrey and her husband Tim Dorsh and their three sons, Caleb who is 4, Charlie who is 2.5 and Eli who is almost 1; our daughter Ashley and her two boys, Jackson who is almost 5 and Jase who is 2; and our sons Josh and John.

That will do for an intro....more to come. :)

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